Sunday, April 8, 2007

Alutec Lightweight Crank Pulley - Preview

As mentioned in the Alutec strut bar article here are the first pictures of my crank pulley. Pix below of box. Sticker price on the box is in Sing dollars and not Malaysian Ringgit. Sorry. I got a pretty decent discount having also bought the strut bar.
Top surface. Despite all the CNC and material trickery Alutec can't center the wording properly on the crank pulley. Bummer! The Alutec crank pulley is the same diameter as stock crank pulley so no underdriving s**t! If you're running any semblance of a half decent ICE system stay far far away from underdrive crank pulleys. Alutec uses 7075 aluminium alloy material which is stronger than 6061 alloy used by the likes of Unorthodox Racing and majority of performance pulley manufacturers. Even the adjustable cam pulleys on the SP were 6061 material only. This along with the hard anodizing will greatly reduce wear on the pulley's surface in the long run.

Bottom surface. Crank pulley measured 853 grammes on my Bro's digital weighing scale. Have not weighted the stock crank pulley but would expect it to weigh 2-3 times more.

Like the stock crank pulley the Alutec version has nicely machined grooves for the stock belting.
Bro Uncle Fooyc got so excited he promptly got himself one. SMS from him late last night "Cb! Dem nice. I'm going to hug it to sleep!" Wahahahaha! Acceleration in the lower gears should improve with the crank pulley fitted. Hopefully max power output too! Uncle Foo will be installing first and also doing a dyno. I'll install when I can find some time off work and renovating my house. Stay tuned for a follow up.


Sv said...

superb! looks like you are going to need those R-tune stickers.

Andrew Saw said...

Kinda thinking of ditching my stickers lah and going sticker free..

Sv said...

yeah. i dont think stickers suit you.

would look very beng when combined with your "ummzhek ummzhek" sound system.

to make up for the reduction of stickers, reduction of weight should accompany. more cf! less stickers.

Andrew Saw said...

Man.. your comments are dangerous :P

Sv said...


EJ said...

This is nice. But don't think they made any for the RBs right?

Andrew Saw said...

RBs? Checkout the Jap speedpart manufactuers from the likes of GReddy and HKS. If you have high horsepower aspirations an ATI Super Damper fluid dampened crank pulley would be even better! More details here: