Monday, March 19, 2007

Kics Project Magnetic Drain Bolt

This just came in via courier today. Already had a good lick!
The Kics Project magnetic drain bolt basically replaces the oil sump drain bolt and incorporates a magnet so that any metallic particles or debri will accumulate at the bolt area rather than in the oil possibly causing long term damage. The actual bolt itself is made from aluminium alloy for light weight. Fab idea and execution. If you're not sure of what an oil sump is time to read up :) Nissan vehicles use a M12 X 1.25 thread pitch bolt. Bolt is available in any colour so long as it's red. Closeup pix.

The magnetic drain bolt is supplied complete with stock washer and gasket. Picture below of the magnet element.

Will install during my next oil change about 2000km from now. The Kics Project magnetic drain bolt costs bout 75-80 smackers per bolt (need to check my card statement for exchange rate) including shipment and is basically available for most popular Jap makes. You can order through me but if your car is not a Nissan do make sure you know the bolt size and thread pitch. Mitsubishi and Proton for example uses a M14 X 1.5 bolt. If you're not sure, ask me nicely and I can find out for you.


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