Saturday, March 17, 2007

Helix Cap 33

If you're experiencing alternator whine and additional grounding doesn't fix the issue then you might wanna consider this gadget. It really worked a treat when I was having alternator whine problems after installing my Steg amp. The Cap 33 works like a mini capacitor and is only rated at 33,000 microfarad. You basically connect it between your car's battery and it's alternator. More details in Helix Capacitor webpage - Audiotec Fischer. Picture below of how mine is installed. Crappy fabricated mild steel mounting bracket will soon make way for a carbon version. Was gonna install the carbon bracket last weekend but then I had to get into an accident. Hopefully I'll have time to install this weekend.

Pix looking from the side. Screw terminals are gold plated.

I'm using a Delkor Maintenance Free Battery btw. Size is per stock batt which is NS70. Kenneth (Netken) from ICE Forum did a group buy recently on the Cap 33. Price was very reasonable as Ken took the trouble to get the caps from Sillypore. He might still have a couple left. Hook him up over at ICE Forum if you're interested.

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