Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bang! - Cont'd

Went to check on the Slowtra today and as expected the car looks better than new with the bumper side and fender totally restored. What a relief! Unfortunately my painter advised me against painting my BBS wheel. The original paint on the wheel is very hard and will not fade with extreme heat. There's no way he can replicate the quality with Malaysian technology. This means the scratch marks will remain. Sigh. Pix below of the wheel slightly scuffed due to the skirmish. Luckily the scuff marks on the wheel spokes have been removed after some polishing.
Left my car there for another day or so as I'm repainting the driver's side side skirting. That's been scuffed till kingdom come cause yours truly has been quite clumsy when exiting the car. Got bigfoot? Will re-check the alignment when I collect my car. On a brighter note I've requested my bro Jacko to be on the lookout for some Enkei RPF1s. Jacko recently fitted said wheels to his Super GTI. Article in my other blog. Managed to track down a set but the colour turned out to be white again. Arrgggh! Looking for silver or even gold. The RPF1s are even lighter than the BBS RK!

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