Monday, February 19, 2007

Trip Down South

Was in S'pore for vacation last month. Here's 2 pixs of the S'porean N16 which is called the Nissan Sunny there.

C (Continuous) VTC and E-Throttle (Drive-by-wire. There are no throttle cables involved) results in a claimed engine output of 110ps. That is around 8ps less than our supposedly older and inferior specced engine. No thanks. The Sillypore N16 is only avail as a 1.6 litre and from all models have rear drum brakes. There is no FL2 variant.

And this is the G11 Bluebird Sylphy which is the replacement for our N16 (G10 Bluebird Sylphy) in Japland. Car's huge!

The car's targetted for women in Japan. All alloy MR20DE engine has a quoted power output of only 133ps and has no form of variable valve timing. I don't even want to talk about the 1.5litre HR15DE engine. All models have rear drum brakes. Interior pix below. How Uncle looking can you get? Wonder how many plastic trees got chopped for the interior wood trim? Extronic gearbox means rubber band CVT gearbox. Arrrgh!

Rear pix. Picture was taken with me in my bro's car - Civic FD1 2.0.

More details in Nissan Japan's Sylphy home page. Make your own conclusions but I would stay away from this car like a plague. There is absolutely no sporting pretensions whatsoever. Nissan Japan's webpage even shows 3 not bad looking women circling the car for goodness sake. I actually spent more time admiring the women than the Sylphy. What a crying shame from the same company that spawned the 200ps 1.6 Pulsar VZR N1, Skylines, Sylvias, etc.

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