Friday, February 16, 2007

Authentic Nismo Rice

Bought some original Nismo rice parts when I visited the Nismo Malaysia branch in Prai Pix of the Nismo S-Tune sticker set and the Nismo "racing" fashion cigarette lighter which is fashioned to resemble the electrical cut-off switch found in race cars.
Closeup of the "racing" cigarette lighter

The stickers add 50hp (dyno tested) when fondled and using the racing cigarette lighter instantly boosts your "racing" skills by 50%. Hahahah! Disclaimer: Please note that I don't smoke and do not condone any form of smoking. Japanese humour doesn't come cheap at 60 smackers each for the sticker and cigarette lighter.


AlucarD said...

Hahahaha .... dude, do you smoke at the first place??!! Yeah, who says you cant eat your rice and drive it at the same time.

I'm looking forward for the stickers to be installed. Should add about 50-100hp depending on the placement..

Andrew Saw said...

Yeah man. Can't wait too. Pixs to follow :P