Monday, February 19, 2007

CNY Pedicure

Picture below of the Slowtra's engine with the engine cover removed, after a couple rounds with the engine degreaser, many a toilet paper and some cotton buds. Took me more than half an hour to clean the cam cover of all the oily and dusty gunk that had accumulated after 8 months of usage. The engine cover comes off once you remove 2 M6 X 30mm bolts and 2 M6 flanged nuts. Piece of cake.
The engine doesn't look too bad with the cover off. I'm contemplating not using the engine cover and also removing all it's mounting brackets for some weight savings. What do you think? The cover also gets in the way when I'm cleaning the inlet manifold.

Closeup of the Hitachi ignition module which is the core part of the Nissan NDIS (Nissan Direct Ignition System) system. If you're looking to upgrade the spark plug cables to colourful big diameter buzzillion core versions tough luck as there's none.

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