Monday, January 22, 2007

USDM Sentra

Our N16 shares the same chassis as the USDM B15 Sentra. Right down to the QG18DE engine. The SE-R Spec V uses the QR25DE 2.5 litre engine. The Americans like things big! This means quite a lot of hop up parts avail to the American market. I found Nismo front and rear anti-roll bars, Nismo strut bars, Nismo & HKS exhaust, Brembo & Wilwood brakes, etc. etc. Here's a good place for those Nismo freaks

And Here's a decent forum

Mike Kojima's excellent series of articles on tuning the Sentra

More links coming up.


r47107 said...

Good job bro, here do u have any idea how to order the parts? seems to be the courier fee will kiling and do u think the rear spoiler for SER can fit with N16, it look cool la

Andrew Saw said...

Don't think the SE-R rear spoiler will fit. The front and back treatment of the B15 looks different. Could be wrong though. I typically order the parts online. Shouldn't be that expensive unless the company doesn't know how to ship.