Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SSR Type C

Was in S'pore over the weekend and visited my regular performance tyre and wheel shops there. Dunno whether I'm destined to use these wheels again but got offered these instead of Enkei RPF1s or Work XSA 02Cs which I was looking for. Used this previously on the SP and boy are they light and strong. SSR uses a proprietary technology licensed from ALCOA called Semi-Solid Forging which is similar in concept to a forged wheel ala Rays Engineering Volk Racing TE37. This results in a lighter and strong wheel compared to the equivalent cast item. SSR unfortunately went bust after I got me wheels for the SP in gold and are now only avail in bronze, white or gunmetal for the smaller sizes (14" to 16") . They got bought over by Racing Development Tanabe if you're interested in some history and currently living happily ever after with decent sales in Japan.

Anyway got offered the gunmetal version in the exact PCD and offset I wanted and at a drop dead price too. Dammit! Should I or should I not? The wheels are so friggin light they make the 7+ kg BBS RKs feel like lead weight. SSR's web page quoted the 16" X 7" PCD 114.3 4 lug Offset +42 at only 5.35kg. The SP's Type C's which were of the same size, width and offset but 100 PCD 4lug is even lighter at 4.99kg. Anyway back to my original question. Should I or should I not? Sigh... Damn tempted to drive to Sillypore to get them wheels and tyres. Tyres are also dirt cheap by Malaysian standards. Got quoted RM395 for the 205-50 16" Yokohama DNA DB ES501s here but over there it's only bout RM300 after conversion. Unfortunately they don't do trade in of my current wheels and tyres. Dammit!

Pix of the SSR Type C in gunmetal. This is what TCM should be putting on the Nismo Sentra.

Same wheel fitted to Nagisa Auto Time Attack BNR34 which is predominantly silver in colour. I'm in love...

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