Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rays Engineering Duralumin Lug Nuts

This just came from Kay-El via high speed BMW courier. Thanks Bro CP for being the courier and Jacko who called nearly all of Klang Valley's performace parts outlets to get them nuts! Unfortunately Nissan uses the less common M12 X 1.25 thread pitch for wheel lugs. Only Subary uses this pitch with Mitsu, Toyota, Honda, etc using the more common 1.5 thread pitch.

So why did I go for Rays lightweight forged aluminium lug nuts and not the Racing Gear units I was using previously on the SP? Well I wanted black lugnuts. Blue or red anodized nuts would have been too Beng for the BBS wheels. The Rays lugnuts are the only lightweight aluminium nut in the market available with a black anodized finish. I originally wanted Nismo lugnuts but they're made from heavy steel and cost just as much if not more than the Rays lugnuts. Picture below of unopened packaging.
Compared to the Racing Gear lug nuts which are open ended to allow for extended length competition lugs studs the Rays are more elegant and are close ended with the Rays logo CNC machined on the end. The Rays also incorporate a security feature to prevent wheel theft. 4 of (20 total) the nuts are 7 sided (heptagonal) with a slot along the length on the nut body and can only be opened via a provided special adapter key. Closeup picture of the lug nuts and adapter.

Another Pix

WIll install after I install my Nismo S-Tune G-Attack Shocks. Hopefully won't jut out too much else I'll have to go for the shorter KICS Project lug nuts. More pixs once installed.

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