Sunday, January 21, 2007

K&N Filtercharger Replacement Air Filter

The same shop in S'pore that had the SSRs also gave me a fab deal on the K&N air filter. Price was a good 30% cheaper than Speedworks offer price. On top of that a free thermo flask mug was also given with each purchased filter. Parted with my Sing dollar without much thought. If you're curious on the benefits, a performance air filter flows more air into the engine that this should hopefully liberate some power from the anaemic QG16DE engine. I don't believe in open pod filters as they're noisy and only good for sucking in hot air unless you have a decent airbox over it.

Pix of the replacement air filter. The Sentra (Sunny in S'pore) uses part number 33-2031-2. Do not use any other part number. It's the same for both the QG16 and QG18. Even the SR20DE uses the same. Box label also states the manufacture date which in my case was 11/22/2006.

Pix of the K&N compared to stock paper element air filter

Compared to the Nismo and stock air filter the K&N is washable (recommended every 25-30K km or so). Installation was a zilch and took me a max of 15 minutes including cleaning my airbox cover. Should take less than 5 min if you just replace the filter. All you have to do is unlock the 4 metal clips surround the airbox lid, lift up the lid (be careful as the air intake piping and airflow sensor is connected to the lid), remove the stock filter, put the K&N filter in it's place, close the lid and lock it back. Make sure the K&N filter is properly seated before you close the cover.

Took the car for a drive and the difference was fairly minimal. Can feel that the engine is "looser" and revs a bit more willingly. I would say a max of 1-2hp at most. Not too bad for something so cheap. Still gonna try and compare with the Nismo air filter though.

Jan 22nd 2007 Update: Let me take back my words on the "minimal" statement I made earlier. Took the car for a drive today to Batu Ferringhi and the difference was quite a bit. Noticeably better pull from the midrange to the highs. Engine feels less strangulated. Guess the ECU needed some time to adapt to the better airflow.


hmph said...

Hi Andrew,

Great sweet looknig rims! I'd say go for them!
The SSR's sound interesting, especially if they're that light!
Which shop in S'pore do you go to, mind telling? May make a trip as my GTI needs new rims and tyres soon ;-)

Andrew Saw said...

Getting mine Paya Ubi. Lotsa shops in S'pore with branded wheels. Shop around..

r47107 said...

How much the local shop charge for the filter/

r47107 said...
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Andrew Saw said...

I believe the retail is something in the region on RM340.

Navin Krsna said...

Hi, is the air filter really that effective? I mean like is it worth the money ?

Andrew Saw said...

Depends on what you consider value for money. Different people have different values. The filter probably adds 2-3hp and makes the engine rev more freely. It is also washable hence don't need to replace for a long long time. My used filter is available if you are interested.

Navin Krsna said...

why did you change your air filter if its effective?

Andrew Saw said...

I did not change my filter for > 5 years till my latest engine build. Considering my engine is now making 3 times more power than stock do you think the K&N flat panel filter would be effective?