Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fog Lights - Conclusion

After more than 3 months I finally got my foglights installed today. After what happened TCEAS had the audacity to charge me RM150 for labour. In their defence the install job was very neat (which it should be for what is essentially a bolt on job). This will be probably be the last time I'm getting anything installed there though. Night pix of the foglights installed.

Apart from the long awaited signal stalk, the install also required a relay which TCEAS charged me more than 30 bucks. Picture below of my old signal stalk. Anybody interested?

Overall the foglights worked a treat. The light spread became much wider and as expected the additional illumination will really help me to ascertain road conditions. Fog lights are superb for discovering potholes where you least expect them to be. Anyway the entire install ended up costing me around 600 smackers. All because I wanted the oem signal stalk and fog light activation. Could have been halved if I just let some accessory shop install with a simple caplang rocker switch on the dash.


temujin said...

Hi Andrew,

Just curious to know how much have you spent in total for the fog lights?
The last time I checked with TC they quoted me abt 900bucks++ for one fog light..kinda pricey..


Andrew Saw said...

Hi Danny,

Total cost for me was about 600 bucks thx to horrendous TCM labour charge. Much less if you don't get the signal stalk.

Ken said...

we have the same signal stalk as you call it but I already have it when I bought my car from the dealer... I just can find where to connect the foglamps from the factory wirings... Do you have any photo regarding this... Thank you andrew.. - Ken

Ken said...

Hi andrew I have the signal stalk when I bought my car from the dealer but I can't seem to find where the factory wirings for the foglamps... I suppose when they give the car with that stalk I guess that there's a factory relay already placed so it should be as a bolt-on ... any photo on this andrew.. thank you

Andrew Saw said...

Sorry. Don't have any pictures of that. Ask TCEAS. They will know what needs to be done or at least my branch did.