Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fog Lights - The Saga Continues

As expected, no news from the TCEAS branch after 3+ weeks. Deposit was paid on January 3rd. Called on Monday (Jan 23rd) but still given the walk around. Just filed a complained via the TCM website just now. Complain as follows:

"I have a Sentra 1.6 SG Manual. Have purchased a set of front fog lights but would like it to activate as per oem which is via the steering column stalk switch itself. I have tried to order the stalk + wiring harness from your Bayan Baru TCEAS branch for the last 3+ months but to no avail. Enquired multiple times but was always told the part is on back order and will arrive in 1-2 weeks but always when I checked the status given was not here and still on back order. Was then told more than 3 weeks ago after I enquired numerous times that I had to pay a deposit. I paid a RM150 deposit on January 3rd (receipt no 113813). After 3 weeks there was still no news. I called the branch last Monday (Jan 22nd) but again there was no update. I am very displeased with the service given. How many more weeks/months do I have to wait before I can install my fog lights? Appreciate your prompt action in this matter.."

Hopefully some action will be taken soon and I'll get my stalk and wiring harness.

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