Sunday, January 7, 2007

BBS Teaser

Thinking bout upgrading my wheels (again). The N16 is a relatively big car. Put it together with the even bigger looking Nismo bodykit and it looks kinda toy car like as the small wheels seem to disappear behind the wheel arches and bodywork. My friends even had a good laugh seeing my fine looking car with it's original 14" puny wheels. I mean which stock 1.6 litre car nowadays come with 14" wheels? Upgraded to SG-L trim 15" stock JRD wheels with Michelin Energy XM-1 tyres but after 7 months the itchy nagging ricey feeling is back. Everytime I take a good long look at my Sentra it seems to shout back at me "BIGGER WHEELS PLS. DON'T YOU THINK I LOOK CRAPPY WITH THESE WHEELS?" Was gonna go for 17 inchers but ultimately the more logical side of my brain won the battle against the ricer side and I decided to settle with 16 X 7". Oh.. and having a tight wallet helps too. The JRD "Nismo" wheels fitted to the Nismo Edition Sentra are only 16 X 6". What a crying shame! Pls do note that if you want ultimate performance a decent set of 15" tyres on lightweight wheels is more than enough for the Sentra and it's engine power. I'm doing this purely for looks :P

So I went wheel hunting last weekend. The N16 uses a 4 lug 114.3 PCD which really limited my options as the common standard for Jap cars nowadays is 114.3 5 lug or 100 4 lug. Dammit! Luckily the offset (40) is pretty common. I basically narrowed down my option to OZ Super/Ultraleggera and Enkei RPF1. No forged wheels as no budget. With these wheels in mind I went shopping. What turned out instead was a pleasant suprise. I got offered these BBS RK beauties at a drop dead price. The RKs are cast wheels but very light (for a cast wheel) being around 7+kg for a 16 X 7" wheel.

Still could not decide though so I asked the shop owner check out the availability and price of the OZ before I make the final decision. What do you think?


TS said...

Hi llsaw,

Nice blog. Regarding rims, RP-F1 gets my vote, very light. OTH, saw this set of BuddyClub P1 4x114.3 offset+38 rims selling in ZTH at attractive price. Ngam size for Sentra or not?


Andrew Saw said...

Thanks for the comments bro. Don't think I'm interested in the Buddy Club P1. Thanks for the suggestion though..

jun wen said...

waw... u really study befor u spend... very cool...