Sunday, January 28, 2007


Finally bit the bullet and decided to go with the BBS RK with Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 tyres. So why didn't I get the SSR? Well, I've used these wheels previously on the SP and would like a change from typical Jap wheel. Second, transporting these wheels from Sillypore back home was proving to be financially prohibitive. One such runner quoted me 600 friggin bucks just to ship the wheel to KL. Goodness! Could have driven down South for the wheels but if you factor in petrol and tolls cost is again prohibitive. Furthermore I would have to figure out how to ship my stock wheels back as they don't do trade-in for my wheel there. Research led me to believe that the RK is one of the lightest cast wheels around. WHEELWEIGHTS.NET quoted the RK at 15.3lbs or 6.955kg for for my size. As comparison, another lightweight cast wheel, the OZ Ultraleggera weights 14.5lb or 6.591kg. The Rays Engineering Gram Lights 57C was 15.4lb (7kg) while the lightest of them all is the Enkei RPF-1 which came in at only 13.5lb. The Work Emotion CR was 17.0lb (7.727kg). The OZ Superturismo as depicted in the TCM Sentra brochure weights a massive 19.6lb (8.909kg). I also got a decent trade-in price for my old wheels and tyres. Let's just say after 6 months+ of usage, I lost only bout RM100. Excellent deal eh?

Anyway enough justification. On to my wheels. I got everything done at Goh Swee Hin in Jalan Dato Keramat btw. Besides giving me a fab deal on the BBS and trade in, I also got alignment done, on wheel balancing and nitrogen gas for free. What more can you ask? The RK is 16" X 7" and has an offset of 42. Pix of da Sentra having on-wheel balancing done to it's front wheels

And here's a quick pix of the new wheels. Pardon the lousy quality. Was in a rush. I'm using 205-50 16" sizing and each tyre cost me 400 smackers.

Did some driving to Batu Ferringhi. I must say it's like having upgraded stiffer suspension. Compared to the ultra soft Michelin Energy XM-1s, the PP2 has a much stiffer sidewall giving a firmer ride. Still very comfortable though. Turn-in and steering feel is better too. Tyre noise was up but this is expected as I'm putting more rubber on the road and the PP2 is a performance tyre. Don't have any probs listening to my ICE so this is something I can live with. Have Rays Engineering forged aluminium lightweight lugnuts on the way to further lighten things up a bit. The damn stock chromed plated steel lugnuts already have signs of rust since day1 with one lugnut showing signs of the chrome plating coming of. More pixs to follow after I install the new lugnuts. If you're interested unfortunately there's no more BBS RK at this price - RM2.6K. Not sure if Goh Swee Hin is even able to bring in for 16" size. Sorry.

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