Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nismo Oil Filler Cap

Wifey went to Japan on biz trip recently so got her to get me some goodies from Nismo including this. The other is a Nismo GT titanium shift knob which I'll cover in a separate post. Nismo Malaysia aka TCM is selling this part for close to half a grand. Price in Japan is less than half of the retail here. Nuts! IMHO TCM should have fitted some of these parts to the Sentra Nismo Edition but they went el cheapo as usual and gave you a plaque with serial number, carpet and "Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia" Nismo parts. Sad...


Oil Cap Top Side

Bottom side. The oil cap incorporates a ratchet mechanism like the fuel filler cap which prevents overtightening and possibly damaging the aluminium cam cover. Cool!


Part Number is 15255-RN013. Now thinking of getting more Nismo parts. I'm quite sure the S-Tune shocks for the B/N15 will fit...

Fog Lights

This has been sitting in my room for the last 2+ months. Yes.. 2+ months and my local friendly TCEAS service centre still can't get my signal stalk and wiring loom. I wanted the fog light activation to be oem which means you can turn them on via the signal stalk and didn't want a cheapo looking rocker switch on the dash. At first the TCEAS spare parts person told me 3 weeks max and told me he would call me once arrived. Called them a few times and even went to the shop but excuses excuses. Last I called was just last week and this time they told me I have to pay a 50% deposit before they can order which is fine if they had told me that in the first place. WTF! Told me this time that once I paid the deposit the said parts will arrive in a week. Will give them one last chance and visit them after the new year hols to pay the deposit. Oh.. if you're curious I got original fog lights from a contact in Nissan somewhere for a good deal. Stay tuned.

Goodbye 2006 Hello 2007!

Hi There Everyone,

It's good to be back with a new blog. Have been playing around a bit with my Sentra and decided to start this blog so I can blabber on a bit. What to do? Old habits die hard. This blog will be more bout basic bolt-on mods though rather than the really hardcore race stuff ala SP Files. Nowadays also into In Car Entertainment since the Sentra ain't too good for performance. Will be sharing some on that too. Just basic 2-channel audio stuff though as DVD and surround sound does not interest me.

2007 will be very interesting as I'm really thinking of building a Nismo S (Saw)-Tune Sentra which will handle a bit yet ferry me in comfort and with a decent sound system to boot. Big compromise here compared to the single track race car SP but what to do? Currently driving the Sentra enthusiastically is about as interesting as watching the Da Vinci Code movie which to sum it up is a real bore. TCM launched the Sentra Nismo Edition recently which got me all excited but in the end turned out to be a real "tupperware" exercise only. What a shame. The N16 Sentra FL2 ain't too bad actually. The basic chassis is loads stiffer and feels much more together when pushed compared to a flexi Wira. The big challenge here is getting the rear beam suspension to handle well and the poorly ratioed manual gearbox. The engine's not too bad actually with a super buttery smooth idle to die for but doesn't really like to rev. Oh and I like the looks. Reminds me of a smaller version of the Teana and Fuga. Shame the wheels are so small but adding something even bigger than my current 15 inchers means S..L...O...W...E....R unless I can afford lightweight forged wheels. Nismo LM-GT? Dream on... Then there's the rear drum brakes. Yes.. rear drum brakes on a 118ps car capable of hitting approx 190+km/h in the year 2006. Shades of Honda and the prev gen crappy 1.7 Civic? Apparently TCM saw fit to have rear disc brakes on the slower 1.6 SG-L(ousy) model but not on the faster manual. I know I know.. I'm starting to whine but TCM sometimes really really make me wanna get a Honda. Hoping to change the rear brakes + rear beam assy myself as a DIY project like my previous Wilwood brakes. Give me some time..

So Bring on 2007 and here's Wishing a Happy, Prosperous and Fun New Year to Everyone reading this blog!